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Think Common Entertainment
5482 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1630
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Vereinigte Staaten

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Think Common Entertainment
5482 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1630
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Vereinigte Staaten

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The Common Linnets (NL) succes - 02. März 2015
Sent a mail through Facebook in January. Sent a signed photo. No scanner!

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Commonwealth Games Successes! - 20. August 2014
As you all know, the Commonwealth Games were in my home city of Glasgow this summer, and despite heavy security around the games sites, I managed to meet loads of competitors throughout the couple of weeks, some of whom were kind enough to come out and meet me having arranged it in advance, others just luck of the draw. Pretty much everyone listed below signed my Glasgow 2014 Multi tshirt, most signed a Games Preview Mag for a supporter who is donating loads for it to my fundraising,while others donated kit. I'm still working on identifying everyone I met... there were a few one of randoms during the games, but here's some highlights... Aidan Caves - Canada Cycling - Donated loads of kit to my fundraising, he was the first person awesome enough to come out and meet me at the village. Kim Mickle - 2014 Javelin GOLD - met her on the train into town <img src= Nikki Hamblin - Double Delhi Silver Medal winner Victoria Pendleton - outside her hotel, delighted to get her, though gutted I didn't have my London 2012 Stamps with me for her to sign. Steve Cram - in a great mood, nicest I have ever seen him, though it was 90mins after Laura Weightman took silver. Josh Taylor - 2014 Boxing GOLD Kwagga Smith, Warren Whiteley, Frankie Horne & Werner Kok all 2014 Rugby 7s GOLD James Jurkiewicz - Guernsey Swimming. Also arranged some signed items from other swim teams, including signed England shorts from Ben Proud and multi signed Team Wales shirt Lord Seb Coe - outside his hotel... lovely full signature on a CWC UK vest <img src= Lynsey Sharp - 2014 Scotland's SILVER medal winner! Didn't manage a photo with her at Diamond League, chuffed to get this one. Euan Burton - 2014 Judo GOLD caught him as he left the village on the day after the games David Millar - Scottish cycling legend - caught him as he came back to the village looking for a taxi... was lucky to get him as he was with his kid. Nick Haig, Blair Tarrant, Shea McAleese & Alex Shaw - all with the Kiwi Mens Hockey team, which came so close to Bronze. Sally Pearson - 2014 100m HURDLES GOLD second time I got her in a couple of weeks, this time the morning after she was involved in the closing ceremony. Glad to get her on the tshirt, which I didn't manage before. Danielle Hill - Northern Irish swimmer - took two of my vests inside the village and got them signed up ... one by loads across the board which I am still working on, the other with top notch swimmers like Le Clos, Magnussen, Murdoch, Miley and more. Michael Jamieson - 2014 Swimming SILVER - spotted him on a rainy day outside the village and he remembered me from two years ago Claudia Fragapane -2014 FOUR GOLD MEDALS Gymnastics - signed my tshirt but didn't seem to like the attention, couldn't get a photo with her. Christine Ohuruogo - hurried signature on shirt. Simon Orchard - 2014 Mens Hockey GOLD - signed all my items, and let me take a photo with his medal round my neck. Trent Mitton -2014 Mens Hockey GOLD - donated one of his Glasgow 2014 Aussie shirts for auction. Linda Villemson - 2014 Kiwi Time Trial GOLD - posed for a pic her medal and signed my items for me, huddled under a tree in the rain. Andrew Baggaley - 2014 Table Tennis SILVER Dan Craven - making waves as the first Namibian Cyclist in loads of Euro events just now. The last signature I got in the games, clocked him in Central Station as I went home, and he was Adam Gemili - 2014 100m SILVER Relay SILVER - I got to see him win the first medal at Hampden, and was thrilled to catch him when he went for a wander two days later. He was awesome, could not have been nicer. Jason Smyth - FOUR time Paralympic Gold winner... Fastest Para ever. Not only signed my items, but gave me a pair of tickets for the athletics that night where I saw the mens 100m final and Libby Clegg win Scotland's record breaking 13th Gold. Jared Connaugton - Canadian, one of the London 2012 team that was DQ from relay bronze as he stepped out of lane. Brought me one of his vests signed by loads of Canadian athletes including Drouin, Cassidy, Gleadle and more. Daundre Barnaby - Canadian Relay - donated his warm up shirt for auction Chris Brown - 2014 Relay SILVER - London Gold winner, donated loads... his actual Glasgow race kit, tshirt, trousers, and a tshirt just for me as well <img src= Awesome guy. Paddy Barnes - 2010&2014 Boxing GOLD - also double Olympic bronze, came out to see me and signed mini glove, and more. Awesome guy. Passed me two days later asking if I needed anything else <img src= Isobel Pooley - 2014 High Jump SILVER - donated one of her Glasgow #TeamEngland croptops, signed with her medal details and PB added. Joe Morgan - Welsh badminton - met up with me in Central with his other half, and donated a couple of his shirts, one signed by the Welsh team. Collis Birmingham - Aussie runner - has helped me in the past, and remembered the work I do. Gave me one of his Aussie Glasgow 2014 running vests. Top man. Leroy Hindley - Kiwi Bozer - donated a TeamNZ tshirt, signed by several of his team mates including Gold winner David Nyika Stephen Lavelle - Scotland Boxing BRONZE - got him in the rain towards the end of the games, hoping to see him again this week to sort out some other items. Jairus Birech - 2014 S/C SILVER Purity Kirui - 2014 S/C GOLD - out for an interview, managed to get a couple of things signed by her and a joint photo with... Joan Kipkemoi - 2014 S/C BRONZE ... thanks to the help of one of their press guys. Nathan Rice - Aussie Bowls, Delhi bronze winner Taylor Milne - Canadian Athlete. Donated a bag of kit goodies, despite being rather smashed from celebrating. Fabulously brilliant donation. Lovely guy. Marloe Rodman - Jamaica Cycling Alexander Beaton & Jeremy Osbourne - both Guernsey Swimming Got several more, will update this post in due course, but that's some of the cool stuff for now. Will be doing a TTM post or two for some other goodies that came in. Pics here... ... ow-part-1/ There were a fair few disappointments, several who arranged to meet me who didn't quite make it and Ian Thorpe who totally blanked me. But hey, part of the fun...

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Usain Bolt (Commonwealth Games Glasgow) - 24. Juli 2014
I wrote a letter to the database address 4 months ago and today I received my letter back with a signed promotional card. I was also backed up by the fact it had been sent from Glasgow where the Jamaican team have spent the last week preparing for the Commonwealth Games! So happy with this!

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