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Autogramme und fanpost von Jimmy Carter (Seite 6 / 17):

Jimmy Carter Success - 19. Oktober 2015
I sent two photos to the address listed on the site, which is The Carter Center in Atlanta. I sent 2 photos (one of Jimmy Carter and one of Mrs. Carter), a letter of request and a SASE. I mailed my package on July 20, 2015. Around August 1st, Mr. Carter announced that he was battling brain cancer and would be going through treatment for the next 5 months. I received both photos signed on October 13, 2015. Another member here posted that he had received a letter stating that Mr. Carter would not be signing any more due to his health issues. That means that what I received was among some of the last signatures that he signed. He signed in a silver pen and Mrs Carter signed in a fine line Sharpie. You can see the tell tale Sharpie coloration angled in the light. I also went online and looked up both of their signatures to verify their authenticity. Rosalynn's is just the same as it was in the 1960s. Very fine penmanship from her. This was my first time sending anything off to be signed. I am so pleased to have gotten these signatures. I actually have something signed by a freakin' President! That is so cool.

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President Jimmy Carter X2 SUCCESS!!! (No more autographs) - 10. Oktober 2015
[ugotmail [us Got a letter yesterday saying that President Carter isn't doing autographs any more due to declining health and they thanked me for asking anyway. Today I got another package and it had my book I sent him and the photo both perfectly signed and in great condition. VERY QUICK AND AWESOME SUCCESS, SINCE THE PRESIDENT HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER AND HE IS NO LONGER DOING AUTOGRAPHS. These must have been one of the last autographs he signed. Very lucky! [us [us I sent both the photo and book on August 8, 2015 Received them both back signed on October 10, 2015! Jimmy Carter The Carter Center One Copenhill 453 Freedom Parkway Atlanta, GA 30307 USA

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Jimmy Carter Failure - 10. August 2015
Sent: 2 custom index cards, LOR, SASE (Early May) Recieved: SASE, 2 index cards- unsigned, note stating that these items cannot be signed (Aug 10) ... k84gy.html ... 520si.html ... miurr.html

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Jimmy Carter Success! - 21. Juli 2015
Address: The Carter Center One Copenhill 453 Freedom Parkway Atlanta GA 30307 USA Sent: May 2015 Received: June 2015 Sadly, I do not have envelope. Admin, don't put in other sections please! Link to photo - ... q1ftn.html

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Jimmy Carter success - 20. Juli 2015
My daughter sent letter picture and SASE on 6-13-15. Returned signed on 7-20-15. Address used: C/o the carter center One copenhill 453 freedom parkway Atlanta, GA 30307

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